Max – the fat alternative

So you’ve just arrived back home in Stockholm and want to eat something really fat – a meal never served out in the outback lands of Arboga.

Your partner from abroad suggests McD – the supersize me place no.1 and your stomach starts to die of posttraumatic syndromes mixed up with burning hunger. And the only solution you see is the purely Swedish alternative to still your desire for unhealthy yet stuffing food.

Who really cares for the calories when you’re in good company? Who cares where the diner is situated when you’re only a couple of minutes away from calming Swedish waters?

– I for sure don’t. And even when I feel that urge for a 2000 Kcal bomb – I still have limits;

Sorry Mc Donald’s but you diners are just too sloppy; even if you try to bring in some nice wellreknown designers to spice up your menu systems. Not gonna happen – I’m not gonna visit you again.

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