Mobile video of Saddam

Grainy snapshot of Saddam Hussein

Despite the promisses made by Iraqi authorities of only allowing one camera at the hanging of former president Saddam Hussein a recently released mobile video shows another truth. Several photoflashes from different angles of the same room reveals that more than one camera has been used.

The mobile capture in itself looks very much alike the ”official footage” and is most likely to be authentic. Depicting the entire historic moment of the hanging of Saddam Hussein the grainy video goes further than earlier shots. This is the full process. The last words uttered by the seemingly calm dictator is ”Muhammed” ?reciting the ????? almost twice?.

See the mobile capture:

”Saddam” released at You Tube 30 December 2006

Tvärtemot de irakiska myndigheternas löften om att endast en kamera skulle bevaka förre presidenten och diktatorn Saddam Husseins hängning har nu en mobilvideo läckt ut på internet. Videosnutten, som till synes är äkta, visar hela avrättningen och avslöjar Saddams sista ord ”Muhammed” (mitten på den muslimska trosbekännelsen).

Se & hör mer:

”Saddam” utlagd på You Tube 30 december 2006

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